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Bigg Boss 15 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejasswi Anger Towards Afsana

Bigg Boss 15 fifteenth October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 13
4:15 PM
Jay says our machine isn’t working. Ishaan says this machine is pointless, Bigg Boss could have done it purposely. Vishal’s machine is so quick. Afsana says we have been requesting that Bigg Boss fix it.

Vishal requests that Akasa take Donal’s shaker likewise, I will tell her.

Afsana says I will place my hand in the machine. Karan says don’t be insane. Afsan says they are being fractional with us, I will give my hand in the machine. I can go off the deep end in the event that they do this. I need Vishal’s machine. Pratik says you can take it. Afsana says Shamita is battling with us. I vow to place my hand in the machine and see who can stop me.

4:30 PM
Akasa tells Afsana that I am furious with you at this moment. You were snatching me. Afsana says I didn’t do a lot. Akasa says you can go after us everything except why me as it were? Donal says we are with you. Afsana says I don’t require anybody with me, I am playing alone. Donal says we are playing with Akasa’s group, they are making us win. Akasa says we gave our juice to you so Afsana’s group could win. Afsana says all of you did it in light of your own benefit. My group is a nitwit to trust all of you. The ref is with Vishal’s group so we can always lose.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss lets the prisoners know that all of you probably comprehended that it’s difficult to utilize the machine to get the juice. We had sent the right machine and they were acting in the beginning yet you individuals utilized it wrong so presently machines are not 100 percent performing. We have kept in touch with not touch aspects of the machine however all of you tempered with the machines. As of now, we can end the undertaking right now yet this errand is significant for all of you so we are leaving the choice on you. Would it be advisable for us to end the assignment here or play 2 additional rounds? All of you commonly let us know the choice. Pratik says you ought to play. Miesha says we will do the undertaking, she lets Karan know that we will battle. Karan says why? There is compelling reason need. Miesha says I maintain that should do it till the end. Karan says we don’t have to. It’s not our undertaking. Miesha withdraws. Vidhi says I won’t play as there is no fair play. Pratik asks who needs to proceed with the errand? 8 individuals maintain that should do the undertaking. Karan’s group and Afsana would rather not do the undertaking. Nishant says all of you need to choose commonly. Shamita says Bigg Boss the larger part needs to proceed with the assignment. Miesha says they need to demonstrate that they caused us to lose every one of the rounds. We should do it then, at that point, all of you are playing in a group. Bigg Boss says all of you need to proceed with the assignment so the errand start will begin with the bell.

7:30 PM
Vishal tells Afsana that I believe you should win this round moreover. Afsana says I needn’t bother with your approval. Vishal says don’t talk discourteously to me, I won’t converse with you any longer. Afsana says Shamita doesn’t pay attention to me by any stretch of the imagination. Vishal says this lady continues to gab junk. Akasa says shut her out.

The ringer plays and Shamita gives equivalent stick adheres to the groups. They all begin taking out the juice. Karan is utilizing the machine to take out the juice. Afsana takes the stick sticks and gives them to Karan’s group. Ishaan takes from Miesha. Afsana says you can definitely relax, I am with Karan. Karan is really buckling down. Akasa says Afsana took all the stick sticks. Simba attempts to engage in the undertaking however obstructs Afsana. She says Simba isn’t important for the errand. She yells Shamita can’t see this? She doesn’t merit being the arbitrator. Nishant additionally upholds Karan. Afsana takes a container for Karan however Shamita says it’s not permitted. Shamita requests that Ishaan be cautious with his hand. Ishaan harms his hand. Miesha attempts to embrace him however he says how about we take care of our undertaking first. Miesha proceeds to help Karan in her group. Afsana is helping Karan’s group. Afsana goes into the corner and conceals Karan’s juice pail. Ishaan assaults Karan’s group. He harms his head and it drains. Karan requests that he take off. Nishant requests that Vidhi safeguard Afsana, she has your juice. Ishaan assaults Karan and Vidhi. Vidhi says don’t pull on my hair. Ishaan says Umar began this. Vidhi says he isn’t essential for the undertaking any longer. The gong plays and the round closes. Afsana fills Karan’s can with the juice she stowed away.

Shamita is checking Ishaan and Karan’s juice cans. All applaud Karan’s group. Shamita says Ishaan’s group won this round. Donal takes the toxic substance and kills Karan in the assignment.

7:45 PM
Miesha proceeds to embrace Ishaan. Ishaan says don’t do this show now. I got injured and I was draining however you didn’t care the slightest bit. Try not to converse with me any longer. You think I am a player and faking my adoration for you? Miesha expresses converse with me. Ishaan says you have shown your affection today. I seem to be a dolt that I declared my adoration on TV for yourself and you are doing this. You simply care about the undertaking.

Miesha goes to Ishaan and embraces him. She cries and says I am grieved. Ishaan says you need to keep undertakings and our own lives isolated. Quiet down at this point. Miesha embraces him and shows fondness. Miesha says after this assignment, it will be simply you and me.

8 PM
The last round begins. Shamita gives stick adheres to every one of the groups. All groups begin working. Afsana is running the machine for Karan’s group. Vidhi is helping her. Umar proceeds to pour water in their juice container to build the volume of the juice. The gong plays and the round closes. All applaud one another.
Shamita checks Ishaan and Karan’s pail. Karan has more squeeze however Akasa brings the last squeeze bottle. Shamita says the unmistakable champs are Ishaan’s group. Pratik lets Shamita know that they have blended water in them. Check the variety out. Shamita says it doesn’t make any difference. Pratik says you are being unjustifiable. Shamita says I am not cheating. They have more volume. Ishaan kills Vidhi from Karan’s group. Just Miesha is alive in Karan’s group.

Bigg Boss says the undertaking has finished and the tiger group was alive till the end so they won the errand. Jay embraces Vishal.

8:30 PM
Karan lets Afsana know that we did an error by making Shamita the chief. I needed to make Nishant the skipper. Shamita is searching for her own security. Afsana says I am making the best choice by battling Shamita? Karan says you are thoroughly right. You bring her down and it’s amusing. Simply don’t be frail before them. Afsana says Shamita takes off from me.

9:30 PM
Bigg Boss lets the detainees know that it’s the ideal opportunity for the update. The wilderness prisoners who will go into the house are Jay, Tejasswi, Vishal, and Akasa. All applaud them. Bigg Boss says they won’t be wilderness prisoners any longer however will be essential for the fundamental house. They will have freedoms to every one of the conveniences and powers of the house. Bigg Boss says you individuals will get some extravagance things additionally from the cavern. All of you can go individually and take two things from the rack. Jay goes into the cavern and takes espresso. Akasa takes ghee and espresso.

10:15 PM
Vishal and the group begin going into the house. Shamita does their aarti according to Nishant’s thought. Nishant causes them to eat yogurt. Shamita embraces Akasa and Tejasswi. Nishant says congratulations, you will have liabilities as well so we will play, battle and have solidarity together. Tejasswi says OK. Bigg Boss says we invite these 4 in the fundamental house. They all cheer. Vishal says I simply need to say that I have totally acknowledged the house. Tejasswi says I will miss resting close to Vidhi. Jay tells the wilderness detainees to come inside soon.

10:45 PM
Umar tells Afsana that Vishal is playing a twofold game. He made a settlement with Shamita. Afsana says Shamita is savvy. Umar says we ought to have made Nishant the skipper.

11:45 PM
Shamita inquires as to whether they know where the guide is? Vishal says we knew it however at that point the game began yesterday so the wilderness detainees changed the spot of the guide. They didn’t let us know where they have stowed away it. Vishal says they will make the guide at evening as it were. They just have 60 interconnecting pieces and they need 220 pieces so they are far away panic don’t as well. Nishant says they will come inside in the end. Shamita says might we at any point attempt to find the unique pieces? Jay says they are concealing the pieces in the packs. Vishal says I used to conceal it under my bed. Nishant says just Ishaan races to take the unique pieces from the cavern so we can stop him. We have more labor supply now on this side.

12 AM
Vishal and Tejasswi converse with the camera. Vishal says I feel the wilderness is our genuine house, I feel awful to come on this side however I am blissful moreover. Tejasswi says OK. According to vishal, great night everybody.

1 AM
Nishant asks Tejasswi and Vishal when you said you could allow them to cause the guide yesterday then the thing to would you say you were thinking? Tejasswi says we knew where the guide was nevertheless now they have changed the area. Jay says they generally figured out the game yesterday so they removed every one of the pieces from us. Shamita says for what reason did you give it to them? Jay says I was concealing it in my sack and Ishaan knew my code so he took it from my pack. Vishal says we actually know how they will make the guide so we can stop them. Tejasswi says you need to trust us that we will prevent them from making the guide. Nishant says yet all of you guaranteed us that you will not permit them to cause the guide to yet presently you are saying you gave the parts of them? You individuals are ensuring that your partnership on the wilderness side remaining parts in salvageable shape. If you individuals have any desire to play independently then let us know at the present time. Shamita, Nishant and Pratik go from that point. Vishal converses with his group, Vishal tells Tejasswi to not give them an excessive number of tips, our reliability is with the wilderness group. Jay says I have guaranteed the wilderness group so we can’t perceive Shamita and Nishant that they are sewing the unique pieces. Tejasswi says fine yet we need to make up obviously false so Nishant and Shamita can trust us. Vishal says we don’t need to. Nishant, Pratik and Shamita come to them. Pratik lets Vishal’s group know that on the off chance that you have some devotion with them, truly tell us so we can play independently. Vishal says we will let you know how they will make the guide.

The episode end.

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