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Bigg Boss 15 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Salman Tries To Put Sense Into Afsana

Bigg Boss 16 sixteenth October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

End of the week Ka Vaar

Salman invites everybody to the episode. He says Vishal, Akasa, Jay and Tejasswi went into the house this week. I could have done without their actual battles, it’s not diversion by any means. I should handle them now.

Salman interfaces the call to the house. Salman requests that everybody assemble in the living region. They all welcome him however Salman is serious. Salman says today’s Dusera however did you individuals appreciate it? It’s our third gathering. Last time, I told Pratik to not act like this and he tuned in however did you all not comprehend what I shared with him? The manner in which you are showing yourself on TV is great? The hostility shows your character. How about your family like to see battling this way? Do you get a content that says to act like this? He asks Umar what did he study? Umar says I am an overall doctor. Salman says you want to keep rehearsing in the wake of showing this? Would you like to make a lifelong in acting without picking up anything? Salman says you are turning out badly. Umar says individuals express mean things in the house however I will watch out. Salman says all of you got forceful to go into the primary house however in the event that you go into the house, will you quit battling? Do you suppose this is a wrestling show? All of you know showing actual animosity isn’t permitted, you can’t harm the property, you can’t hurt yourself in the house. Salman says to show animosity then we should make it happen. He requests that Pratik and Nishant bring things from storeroom. They do and these are weapons like boxing gloves, a chopper, a hatchet and a mallet. All prisoners are embarrassed. Salman asks who got injured? They all lift their hands. Salman says you individuals continue to push the glass entryway like it could break? On the off chance that you get injured by the glass, at least 100 fastens are required. You individuals are showing animosity since you are not utilizing your brain. You individuals figure you will be seen on TV on the off chance that you show hostility. You individuals battled for the unique pieces yet we needn’t bother with this sort of happy, no one needs it. All of you were battling toward the beginning of the day and afterward letting each know other nicely done at night? Then, at that point, a few prisoners were saying they gave content for the day like we as a whole need this sort of happy? You individuals even take off mics. This show is tied in with showing your character, not to flaunt your solidarity. Salman inquires as to whether the undertaking was about hostility? Simba says no, it was a psychological distraction however nobody made a decent technique. It’s our issue, we won’t rehash it sometime later, we have chosen to not be physical with one another. Salman says all of you were ignorant regarding the undertaking. This show is tied in with utilizing the brain and not actual battles. We might have brought grapplers for that. He says you individuals are playing rugby matches.
Salman asks Afsana what she implies by amusement? Afsana says I generally need to engage individuals however individuals play in bunches here. We are essential for the show additionally, I attempt to have a good time, I have passed on my family to be here. Salman says everybody passed on their families to be here.
Salman lets the prisoners know that our crowd could do without counterfeit animosity. This show is tied in with making connections. Individuals have proceeded with companionships and adversaries even after the show. Individuals who made authentic connections in the show prevailed upon individuals. In any case, in this season, all of you are looking phony and extortion. He lets Jay know that your significant other is watching you, your little girl will see this so could you like that? Jay says I dislike this by any means. Salman says you have these circumstances in life as well however you are showing a person in the house which isn’t looking great. You can have a distinction of assessment however on the off chance that you become upset, it’s off-base. You want to trick the crowd? Our crowd is shrewd and can see through all of you. Salman asks Ishaan for what valid reason is everything so physical with him? We cautioned you in the assignment to be cautious about your hand, to not be forceful however at that point you got injured. Have you contemplated how you are looking? He lets Miesha know that in the event that you are OK with this, it’s fine, in the event that you are OK with showing your fondness on the show, it’s fine however these clasps will there long lasting. Simply suppose you both get hitched to another person then shouldn’t something be said about these clasps? Simply watch out. Ishaan says we will be. Salman says it’s a major liability regarding you both. Salman inquires as to whether she keeps her home grimy like this? It seems like you thinks rules about the house don’t concern you. Your beau Ishaan doesn’t stop you moreover. You talk in English constantly. Miesha says I am attempting to just talk in hindi. Salman says you are seen smoking in the washroom region and where not. You removed your mic in light of the fact that you maintained that Indian garments should be sent for you. Try not to do this. Salman asks Jay for what good reason do you continue to manhandle others? Vidhi says Pratik comprehended and quieted down after last end of the week however he actually actuates others. I could have done without Jay reviling him. Salman says you individuals could have done without Jay reviling Pratik yet no one halted Miesha when she was reviling Donal. No one expressed anything to her, would you say you are individuals alright with her reviling all of you? Ishaan says I attempted to stop her. Salman expresses the vast majority of the detainees are disregarding rules in the house. Simply illuminating you that all of you will be rebuffed for this. Salman says I was discussing pointless detainees till now. We should discuss the superstar. Salman says I will show Afsana’s recording now. He closes the call.

Miesha is crying. Pratik tells her that he is welcoming her on the correct way. Simply don’t revile individuals. Miesha says I never revile individuals, I have annihilated Ishaan’s down and picture moreover. Pratik says he will comprehend.

Vidhi lets Jay know that Afsana was appreciating when you were getting chastened by Salman.

On the Stage:
Salman says we should find out the thing Afsana has been doing. The clasp shows Afsana let the prisoners know that in the event that somebody kicks me, I will kick them back. Akasa says you tore my shirt and took off. Then you said that I meander around with buttons open constantly and I have shown my **** to everybody. Afsana says I acknowledge that I have torn your shirt and I am upset for utilizing those words. Akasa says you might have apologized to me alone. Afsana says everybody is reviling here and no one wants to think about it. I’m separated from everyone else in this house since all are one-sided with me. She begins crying, Shamita says you would rather not acknowledge your misstep. Afsana requests that she shut up. Shamita says you are a liar, you can’t acknowledge your error. Afsana says you have no capacities that I would apologize to you. Shamita says who are you? I will show your on end of the week Ka Vaar. Afsana says you can follow me yet you are pointless. You can simply babble for no great explanation, you are so phony. Shamita says continue to contend with me. Jay tells Simba that I could do without Afsana’s character. Afsana contends with Shamita and says you call individuals like canines. Shamita says Afsana is a liar, we are burnt out on hearing her. Nishant yells at Shamita to not affront Shamita’s profession like this. Afsana yells how could that modest lady say all that to me? I will bite the dust here. She fires pounding herself. All attempt to quiet her down. Vishal shouts at Afsana that you have no guts to lift hands. Afsana hits herself out of frustration. She says I will pass on in this show. She charges at Shamita. Umar attempts to quiet her down. Umara removes Afsana. Karan begs her to quiet down. Shamita lets Afsana know that you are the greatest liar and I won’t put myself somewhere near reviling you. Afsana says in the event that you are so undeniable level, sit at home. What are you doing here? Vishal says this lady is a liar. Afsana says your face resembles a lady, you are a modest man so get lost. You are gay. Karan yells at Afsana to end it, you have said a great deal so quieted down. I continued to advise you to quiet down, end it now. Afsana says you individuals don’t allow me to talk. Karan yells at her to quiet down at this point. Afsana says I won’t regardless of whether I need to bite the dust today. Karan says I am begging you to quiet down. Jay says Afsana needs to conceal her wrongs by yelling at others. Afsana says they are completely frightened of Afsana who hasn’t fouled up with anybody. Vishal giggles. Afsana says don’t giggle. Afsana says I supplicate that he bites the dust. Vidhi says don’t say that. Shamita charges at her and expresses shut up.. quiet down. She begins shouting so Pratik quiets her down. Vishal embraces Shamita. Afsana cries and goes hysteric. Afsana says I guarantee that all my relatives bite the dust. All of you have deceived me, my sibling Vishal is dead to me. She goes from that point. The clasp closes.

Salman says this show proceeded. One more clasp shows Afsana whipping herself in the house. Miesha and Pratik attempt to quiet her down. Afsana cries and says I would rather not be in the show any longer. I believe every one of my kin should kick the bucket. She begins breaking things around. Nishant gets her and requests that she quiet down. Miesha embraces her firmly and says we are with you. Afsana tumbles down.
Vishal tells Tejasswi that I was quiet yet I am not a holy person, I would have rather not battled her. Tejasswi embraces him and expresses quiet down.

Afsana is in the clinical room. The specialist attempts to treat her yet Afsana continues to hit herself. Bigg Boss requests that she let the specialist really look at her. Afsana tumbles down and says I dislike that, they have all made me a liar. The specialist attempts to actually look at her.

Shamita asks Jay what’s with Afsana? Jay says individuals have cherished her, I love her melodies yet she has become egotistical.
Pratik tells Miesha that Shamita-Vishal begins jabbing Afsana when she was attempting to apologize to Akasa.
Shamita tells Jay that she has such a lot of presumption, other than her voice, I could do without her. She is a horrible individual. She is deliberately harming everybody.
Pratik lets Nishant and Miesha know that there ought to be mankind in any event. We haven’t arrived to kill individuals intellectually or actually. Shamita and Vishal charged at Afsana.

Afsana lets Donal know that everything is done for me. She tears her family photographs.

The episode end.

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