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Bigg Boss 15 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Gets Eliminated In A Surprise Task

Bigg Boss 15 27th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update

Day 170
8 AM
The detainees awaken to the tune jhoom barabar. They all dance. Karan embraces Tejasswi.

11:15 AM
Shamita tells Pratik that Rakhi is loaded up with dread, I feel awful for her. Pratik says simply unwind and finish your errand.

3 PM
Tejasswi lets Karan know that we will do the assignment pleasantly. Nishant lets Shamita know that we will carry on like a self-important couple.

3:15 PM
The new crowd bunch goes into the house. Bigg Boss says Karan, Pratik and Rashami will be staff individuals in the first round of lodging task. All prisoners beg the crowd to decide in favor of them. Tejasswi requests that Karan give her back rub administration. Karan sits on her back and does her back rub. Pratik flaunts his abs and makes a beverage for Shamita and Nishant. Nishant behaves like a snooty spouse of Shamita. Karan hits the dance floor with Tejasswi and Rakhi. Pratik hops in the pool and plays with Rakhi. Karan proposes to Tejasswi.

4 PM
Rakhi advises Rashami to change her room bedsheets, she says I will. Tejasswi and Nishant bother one another. Karan plays with Rakhi yet Tejasswi comes there and says stop it. She hits the dance floor with Karan under the cover. Karan says she is kissing me on the lips under the cover.

4:30 PM
Nishant requests that Pratik lift up Shamita. Indeed he does. Karan lifts Tejasswi. Rashami lifts Rakhi on her back and everybody applauds them. Bigg Boss expresses the present round has finished. Bigg Boss says we should see the scores.
Karan – 8.5
Tejasswi – 8
Shamita – 5
Pratik – 6
Nishant – 7.5
Rakhi – 6
Rashami – 4.5

Bigg Boss thanks the crowd for coming.

5 PM
Karan lets Tejasswi know that he is certain now he got the biggest number of votes. Nishant says Rakhi is so terrified.

Rakhi lets Rashami know that we don’t have anybody to do the errand with. I will cross all cutoff points now.

5:15 PM
Karan requests that Tejasswi proceed to attempt to converse with Shamita. Tejasswi says she continues insulting me saying that these crowd individuals are my posse, they are one-sided towards me and so forth.

Rakhi tells Rashami that Tejasswi doesn’t allow Karan to converse with anybody in the errand. She is so aggravating.

6 PM
The following crowd bunch goes into the house. The prisoners invite them and request that they vote in favor of them. Bigg Boss expresses the following round’s staff will Rakhi, Nishant, Rashami and Tejasswi. Nishant messes with everybody and moves around.

Tejasswi gives a back rub to Karan. Rakhi gets him too. Karan hits the dance floor with Nishant and Tejasswi. Rakhi hits the dance floor with him interestingly. Tejasswi behaves like thumping Karan with a brush. Karan says I am simply getting a charge out of. Nishant gives a back rub to Pratik. Tejasswi converses with the crowd, they say you are a lioness.

6:30 PM
Nishant hits the dance floor with Pratik, Shamita and Rashami. Nishant kneads Shamita’s foot. Tejasswi moves around Karan and falls in his arms. He giggles. Rakhi makes a juice for Shamita. She says thanks to her. Karan pushes ups with Tejasswi however Rakhi prods them.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the second round has finished. He requests that the crowd individuals vote in favor of them. The round’s outcomes are in irregular request. Bigg Boss says we know the scores yet we will the prisoners toward the finish of the assignment now. Karan says Bigg Boss is as yet playing with us. The crowd individuals leave.

8:15 PM
Rakhi takes on the appearance of an apparition. She stows away in the washroom. Pratik comes there and hears a few commotions. He says who is it? He sees Rakhi and gets frightened. He runs from that point. Rakhi chuckles.

8:30 PM
The following group of the crowd goes into the house. Bigg Boss says Pratik, Karan and Shamita will be staff individuals in the last round. Rakhi comes there, dressed as an apparition. All cheer for her. Nishant says I need to do my pool party here. Shamita says we will plan for it. Karan and Tejasswi are moving while Rakhi follows them. Pratik gives a solid back rub to Rashami, she shouts and snickers. Rashami requests that Pratik clean the kitchen and give her a juice. Karan gives a back rub to Rakhi. Rakhi apparitions acting before the crowd. Karan and Tejasswi sit on the bed. Tejasswi plays with him. Rakhi tosses water at Pratik who is shirtless. They all chuckle. Nishant requests that Shamita dance on the kitchen stage. Shamita moves there.

9 PM
Tejasswi lets Karan know that you called me fat when you met interestingly. Karan says you looked pretty however I was kidding about you being fat.

Nishant messes with Shamita that it’s his marriage night so Pratik-Shamita need to give him a demo, scene by scene. Pratik and Shamita joke with him. Rakhi requests that Karan tell Shamita he will accompany her. Karan shares with Shamita that I will agree with your stance assuming my sweetheart isn’t right, I am heartbroken about my better half. Shamita gestures.

9:15 PM
Karan and Tejasswi sincerely dance for the crowd. Shamita gives a nail trim to Nishant.

9:45 PM
The last round closes. Bigg Boss requests that the crowd vote in favor of them. They all beg them to cast a ballot. The crowd individuals leave.

10:30 PM
Bigg Boss lets the detainees know that RJs came in the house and we guaranteed in the event that they thought that you are real, you will get 6 lacs which you lost. Bigg Boss says the crowd thought that you are certified so you have acquired 6 lacs and presently the award cash is 50 lacs now. All detainees encourage. Bigg Boss says it’s the ideal opportunity for another disposal. He says we will advise the scores through and through.

1. Nishant – 38.5 (most noteworthy)
2. Karan – 37
3. Tejasswi – 34
4. Pratik – 32.5
5. Rashami – 32
6. Shamita – 31.5
7. Rakhi – 30.5

Bigg Boss lets Rakhi know that your excursion will end here. Perhaps the crowd believes you should continue to return to acquire that prize that is the reason they didn’t need it. Rakhi much appreciated, everybody. She embraces everybody and says I am glad to get this opportunity. She cries and embraces Karan.

11 PM
Rakhi lets the detainees know that I partook in my time here. She wishes them karma. She embraces Shamita. Rakhi messes with them and requests that he be blissful, they are for the most part victors. Tejasswi says we are fortunate to have you. Rakhi leaves the show. Nishant says the show should go on. Pratik says we should accept Rakhi’s espresso.

Tejasswi lets Karan know that we lost one position. We need to win.

11:15 PM
Bigg Boss lets the detainees know that we compliment you to turn into the main 6 finalists of this season. The crowd will decide in favor of you to turn into a victor now.

Tejasswi peruses the undertaking where the folks will give characteristics to the young ladies.
Pratik: He gives solid part is Shamita, she is beautiful. She can be brutal too.
Karan: He says Tejasswi’s quality is to adapt up to things, she is vivid.
Nishant: He says I need to give a tag to Rashami, she is bright and has a x-factor.

The young ladies get a hamper.

Bharti and Harsh go into the house. The prisoners are prepared for the great evening. The host expresses welcome to our show. He jokes that Karan needs to purchase more stands. The excursion video of Karan begins playing.

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