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Bigg Boss 15 29th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Tejasswi Vs. Shamita Even In Grand Finale

Bigg Boss 15 29th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update

Last Weekend Special
Salman invites everybody to the episode. He presents all finalists as bold individuals. Salman moves to Race melody with the detainees.

Salman comes on the stage. He says this is the last few days of this season and soon we will track down a victor. He says a few visitors are here to help the prisoners. Raqesh, Vishal, Akasa and other ex-prisoners are there. Prisoners’ relatives are there as well. Salman says how about we meet our finalists.

In the House:

All detainees are spruced up. Bigg Boss says you are generally our finalists. He says we realize you should be invigorated and apprehensive, you could require somebody to empower you. You should be feeling the loss of your mom, your moms have sent messages. We should see. The clasp plays, Rashami’s mom says she played well this time. Pratik’s mom says he is extremely passionate, I live for him. Tejasswi’s mom says I am pleased with her. Shilpa’s mom says that she has made her very own character. Nishant’s mom says I appeal to God for him to win, he endeavored to do right by us. Karan’s mom says I got injured to see Karan eating chilies. Karan’s mom says we like Tejasswi. Tejasswi’s mom says we like Karan. Nishant’s mom says he has generally been great to everybody. Shilpa’s mom says my girl was body and age disgraced. Pratik’s mom says I believe that him should win the show. All moms hope everything works out for their youngsters. The clasp closes. All detainees are passionate watching the clasp.

Salman interfaces the call to the house. He has every one of the moms on the stage. The prisoners are eager to see them. Salman inquires as to whether they can perceive their mothers after months? All snicker. Salman presents every one of the mothers. Salman messes with them. He inquires as to for what reason did we call your mothers? Perhaps we will send them in the house after you individuals come out. All snicker. Salman says we will play an assignment with your mothers. He expresses soon there will be a disposal.

Salman lets the detainees know that we will figure out who has the least votes. He requests that the mothers remove the paper from the board to figure out who is protected or not. All mothers really look at the notices for their kids individually. Karan, Tejasswi, Shamita, Pratik, and Nishant are protected. RASHAMI GETS ELIMINATED. Rashami wishes karma to everybody and goes out.

Rashami comes on the stage. She says I am pleased to be a finalist. Salman asks who is she supporting? She says I am supporting Shamita. Rashami goes to embrace every one of the ex-detainees.

Salman associates the call to the house. Salman inquires as to whether she can forfeit her situation for Karan? She says we will go out together. Salman asks what will they miss? Shamita says I will miss Bigg Boss’ voice. Nishant says I will miss the kitchen. Tejasswi says I will miss my experience with Karan. Salman shows the ex-detainees to them. They all welcome them. Salman says Akasa is here, Pratik do you recall her? Pratik giggles. Salman says Pratik tosses the young ladies out so he can turn into a finalist. Shamita is eager to see Raqesh, he says I love you. Raqesh says your mother has turned into my closest companion. Raqesh lets Shamita know that you did such a steady employment, I missed you a great deal. Raqesh says I need to converse with Tejasswi, for what reason did you do this? We love one another and she isn’t keen on Karan and I could have done without the manner in which you continued to fault her. I was so irate when you were accusing her. Raqesh’s sister says Shamita is tasteful and stately. Tejasswi says I have generally regarded Shamita and I was simply responding to the things occurring in the house. I was alright with Shamita turning into a companion with Karan. Karan tells Raqesh that we never questioned your relationship. Raqesh says Tejasswi has even age-disgraced Shamita and you were fine with it. Raqesh says Karan was kidding about it too. Tejasswi says let me talk, Shamita was perched on my sweetheart yet I was simply messed with her. Shamita says you were pulling me away from her and I might have gotten injured. Tejasswi says Shamita is shaky about her age so I can do nothing. Tejasswi says I am secure in my relationship. Shamita says you are so shaky. Salman requests that they quiet down. Raqesh’s sister lets Tejasswi know that there is an approach to talking, you could change your tone and the situation would be unique. Rashami says it’s all Karan’s shortcoming, he makes them both battle. Tejasswi says Raqesh is my Guru, I am heartbroken on the off chance that he is furious with me. Shamita says I love Raqesh and I am exceptionally secure in my relationship.

Salman tells Shamita, Pratik and Nishant that all of you have been old buddies. How about we test it. Salman says we will ask you inquiries and you need to tell who might almost certainly get it done. Salman asks who couldn’t pick calls of others outside the house? They all take Nishant’s name. Salman asks who will observe every one of the episodes? They all take Pratik’s name. Salman asks who was least of a companion in the house? They all take their names. Salman asks who can win between you? They all take their own names. Salman says how about we see you three moving.

The exhibition begins, Nishant-Shamita-Pratik. They all dance on Ishq a maraz.

In the House:

Shamita lets Tejasswi know that you can’t call me an aunt and afterward unfortunately then you continue to legitimize yourself. Tejasswi says I was simply kidding, I was not calling you an aunt. Shamita says it was coordinated towards me, you have to claim your words. Tejasswi says I will the things that I have done. Shamita yells that you continue to call me an aunt on the public TV and that I am perched on different men. I don’t acknowledge your statement of regret when you are indecent. Tejasswi says you have directed numerous sentiments toward me, I offered something wrong and I was sorry for it. Shamita says you have age-disgraced me and afterward you are attempting to legitimize it? Shamita proceeds to let Karan know that her blo*dy sweetheart has lost the plot once more. She is doing this before my mom. Karan says she was sorry for it. Shamita says she continues to give defense. She is so uncertain. Karan says she isn’t. Shamita says everybody realizes that Tejasswi is uncertain in her relationship. Karan says she didn’t mature disgrace you. Shamita says however she said the words.

Nishant lets Tejasswi know that you were irate about the errands and you said a few words. Tejasswi says I was irate with Karan. Karan comes there and says Tejasswi didn’t mature disgrace Shamita.

Shamita advises Pratik to end this theme with her.

On the Stage:

Salman says 5 victors will be here to play an errand with the prisoners. They will give a cash sack proposition to the detainees. The episode closes.

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