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Bigg Boss (Malayalam season 2)

The second time of the Malayalam-language form of Indian unscripted tv series Bigg Boss debuted on 5 January 2020.[1] It was delivered by Endemol Shine India and broadcast on Asianet. Mohanlal returned as the host. The show follows 22 competitors, who are segregated from the rest of the world for 105 days (or 15 weeks) in a uniquely assembled house.

The house was arranged at EVP Film City in Chennai, where 17 hopefuls entered on Day 1 and six joined later as trump card sections. All housemates were well known individuals, like film, TV, music, radio, stage and web characters, and models. The victor of the time will get a level worth ₹5 million (₹50 lakh) alongside a prize. The show broadcasted day to day at 9:00 pm IST. The subsequent season presented an aftershow named BB Cafe. On 20 March 2020, the show was halted because of COVID-19


Season two of the Malayalam-language form of Bigg Boss is delivered by Endemol Shine India and broadcast on Asianet.[3] In September 2019, it was affirmed that Mohanlal will return as the host for the second season too and Asianet reported that season two would take off soon and requested that watchers propose candidates to be included on the appear through their virtual entertainment pages.[4] The season two accompanies the slogan: Ini Valiya Kalikalumalla, Kalikal Vere Level (it’s presently not simply defining moments, presently the games will go on its next level).[5][6] The recently planned eye logo was revealed in November 2019, first promotion for the show was additionally delivered on that month.[7][8][9][10][11]


The House for the principal time of Bigg Boss was worked at Goregaon Film City, Mumbai. Since season 13 of Hindi Bigg Boss was progressing at the area, the area must be moved to EVP Film City, Chennai, where the initial three times of Bigg Boss Tamil was filmed.[12][13] The 6000 square feet House was overhauled in the conventional building style of Kerala. Alongside every one of the offices that was accessible in the primary season, the major new expansion was a prison room with joined latrine for imprisoning housemates who disregard the standards of the House. The fundamental offices held from the main season was feasting region, living region, store room, kitchen, two rooms with eight beds, washroom, TV, pool, admission space for communicating with Bigg Boss (voice), and smoke space for smokers.[14]


The subsequent season is broadcast on Asianet, at first from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm IST and at 9:00 pm IST on Saturdays and Sundays.[15] From 9 March 2020 forward, term was stretched out and circulating time changed to 9:00 pm on work days too.[citation needed] Asianet likewise airs an aftershow BB Cafe facilitated by Rajesh Keshav and Gopika. The show is accessible for spilling on the ludicrous stage Hotstar.[16] It is circulated in two sections Bigg Boss and Bigg Boss Plus. Hotstar could possibly contain not many pieces circulated on TV at the first broadcasting time.[17] Additionally, the YouTube station of Asianet likewise transfers short “Whole” cuts not broadcast on TV and Hotstar. The 30-minute BB Cafe Live consistently peruses live remarks on YouTube and Facebook about every day’s episodes.

Casting a ballot Trend table

Week 2 Rajini Evicted with 6.87% of votes while Rejith, Alina and Soju were in top 3 with 48%,18%,12% of votes and Alasandra was at top fourth with 11.9% of votes Somadas was in top 5 with 8% of vote
Week 3 Rejith, veena and Alina was in top 3 with 41%,19.1%,12% of vote share while Alasandra,Theshni Khan and Reshma were in top 6 with 8%,6.8%,6.3% of votes.pareekutty and suresh was ousted with 5.9%,4% of votes
Week 4 Rejith,Arya and Veena was in top 3 with 56%,18%,10.9% of votes and Reju,pradeep additionally was protected from disposal with 6%,4.1% of votes Theshni Khan was expelled from the show with 4% of votes.
Week 5 Daya was in top 1 with most elevated casting a ballot Ever practically 68% of votes and Veena and pradeep was at second and third with 9.6%,7% of votes Jazla and Reshma was in peril zone with 4.7%,3% of votes.
Week 6 Rejith ,Daya and Aryawas in top 3 with 40%,23%,18% of votes while veena,Sooraj and manju additionally was in safe zone with 8%,3.9%,2.6% of votes lastly pradeep was expelled with 1.8% of votes
Week 7 Rejith,Fukru and Arya was in safe zone with 60%,20%,10% of votes while veena got practically 7% of votes Jazla was protected with 1.9% of votes manju was removed with 1.1% of votes
Week 8 Rejith got 46% of votes while Arya and Fukru got 23% and 21% of votes while veena got 6% of votes Jazla and sooraj got removed with 2.1% and 2% of votes
Week 9 AG sisters got 60% of votes while Soju, Alasandra and saju got 12%,10%,10% of votes and one of the most grounded female competitor Veena Nair got ousted with practically 10%(9.6%) of votes.
Week 10 Ag sisters are protected with 30% of votes Saju,Daya was likewise protected with 28% and 26% of votes while reghu and Reshma was in peril zone with 10% of votes yet Reshma(9.93) got removed she got a smidgen votes lesser than reghu(9.98%).
Week 11 Ag sisters,Arya and soju were in top 3 with 32%,23%,20% of votes Saju, Alasandra and Daya was likewise in safe zone with 13%,10%,9.8% of votes Alina and reghu was in peril zone with just about 7 % of votes yet the show detached so no expulsion occurred
Show finished all housemates were removed because of crown pandemic circumstance.


On 17 March 2020, Endemol Shine India declared that they are intentionally suspending all their authoritative and creation divisions until additional notification due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, for limiting the spread and to follow the wellbeing and careful steps recommended by the public authority. It is likewise right after choice by Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) and Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA) to hold shootings of movie, TV shows and web series from 19 March to 31 March 2020.[20][21] As of 2020, this was the fourth season by and large in the Big Brother establishment to have a season stopped without a champ, following Arab world’s Big Brother: The Boss, Serbia’s second time of Veliki Brat, and Canada’s eighth Big Brother; while the last option additionally stopping creation for a similar explanation because of the pandemic, the initial two were not brought about by the pandemic (Arab world was because of a strict debate, and Serbia was because of the passings of the HouseGuests during an authority occasion).

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